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On Narrating Paulo Freire: Towards a Pedagogy of Dialogue Interview with Paolo Vittoria

Yasemin Tezgiden Cakcak, Erdal Cakcak


Yasemin Tezgiden Cakcak: Paolo, your book titled Narrating Paulo Freire has been released in Turkey[Paolo Freire: Diyaloğun Pedagojisine Giden Yol] along with translations into many different languages. In which languages was it published? In which language did you write it? How did it become so popular around the world?

 Paolo Vittoria: First of all, thanks for the opportunity to talk both with Turkish readers and international readers of IJEP about my book. I wrote the book firstly in Italian, my native language. The original title was Narrando Paulo Freire per una pedagogia del dialogo. It is a re-elaboration of my PhD thesis. To be honest, at the beginning, it seemed very hard to publish the thesis.

In Italy, Paulo Freire was considered mainly during the seventies. In these years, the movements of trade unions, students, workers, educators were opened to receive his political and educational thoughts. Afterwards, in Italy he was almost forgotten and he disappeared in the technicist and falsely neutral education. He was considered an author of the past.

Truly, Paulo Freire hasn’t got any possible contribution for the technicism, the education of skills, credits, debits and competition. More than this, he is one of the main voices in the field of the pedagogy that strongly criticizes this model. Paulo Freire defines this model as “banking education”.  Finally, the PhD thesis was published by Carlo Delfino Editore, in 2008, thanks to the interest of an Italian scholar of Paulo Freire, Professor Fausto Telleri. Then it was very well received from the groups of critical education and informal social groups worldwide. After the first edition, the book was translated to Romanian, Portuguese, Spanish, English. Now, I am very pleased with the Turkish edition.

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