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Rethinking "Economic Literacy” in Education Perspective

Hakkı Toy


Discussions about "economic literacy” usually go around the necessity and significance of growing individuals who usually got the skills through education and can understand economic life, manage financial sources with planning and are aware of risks and rewards. However, in the mainstream education science literature the discourse of economy literacy, considers society as a classless within hegemon economic perspective. Also, the conceptualization of “economic literacy” in education is only realized considering dominant capitalist social formation and there is no questioning on alternative conceivable economic and social formation.

In this study, I will concentrate on the intervention which occurs in the content of education and how should it be understood after identifying some explicit or implicit assumption which lay below the “economic literacy” conceptualization. The purpose of this paper is to build up a critical point of view towards the conceptualization of “economic literacy” within the processes of educational. The study is argued that the dominant education and economy paradigm aims that reproducing and transferring the capitalist social culture and ideology through the recent alterations it performs on educational processes in the name of economic literacy and that ignore an alternative understanding of society and economy. Besides it aims to grow individuals who are appropriate for capitalist social formation who recognize market operations and processes, internalizes capitalist economic thought as if it has no alternative who are markets actor. The study ends with suggestion about what can be said against basic idea that is beneath the identification of such content and its operation and some ideas that economic literacy can be conceptualized in other ways in another social formation.


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