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Female Teachers Union Related Sense of Belonging for Education Unions in Turkey

Pinar Yazgan, Muhammed Keser, Akif Coskun


It is a fact that the rate of the female teachers is in  2014, 51% of the total number in Turkey education system. Nearly half of this female teachers are organized in the Teachers Union. However, it is observed that the ratio of representation and attendance of female teachers at the unions activities are low. This creates an impression that male dominant mind exists; that there are problems regarding the ratio of female related demands in the union and sense of belonging of the female teachers to the union. Thus, there is a need to elicit the participation reasons of the female teachers, in what rate the expectations are met and where the female teachers see themselves in the union. In Turkey, the teachers’ organizations have a deep-rooted tradition. However, the participations of the female are insufficient in general. The rate of the female teachers form about 25% of the organized teachers. The rate of the female teachers in administerial positions is around 20%. Additionally, it is a well-accepted finding that the females are inactive in the teachers’ union apart from enrollment. The aim of this study is to reveal the feelings and opinions of the female teachers regarding their senses of belonging for the union processes, to determine the inabilities of teacher union organizations related this subject and to develop suggestions in order to contribute to the coherent efforts made with the gender equality principle, to eliminate the gender discrimination in the education unions.

This study were administered as a qualitative and survey model research which, semi-structued interviews were conducted for data collection. The opinions   of the female administers and members of the most populated three education unions in Turkey  (Eğitim Sen, Eğitim Bir Sen, Türk Eğitim Sen) were taken,and then collected data descriptively analyzed along with comments and the results were reported.

Keywords: Education Unions, Female Teachers, Gender Mainstreaming, Union Life


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