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Editorial: Sharing the Critical Visions with the World

Hasan Hüseyin Aksoy


I am gladly introducing the IJEP’s first issue of 13th volume with three articles from colleagues originally from two countries.  Not only for this issue but also from the first idea to the future projects, there is a lot of encourage and humble support and contribution. Until now, many authors shared  their valuable studies to be published with IJEP and patiently waited the delay of feedback, and reviews and they demonstrated elegant cooperation in conflictive issues and some of them offer a big flexibility to us on publishing time. This means a lot to us in a world where academics and writers are racing against time for credits in a pressure nonsense so called “global” neoliberal academic rules. Some dominating institutional rules, conditions and neoliberal managerial expectations pushing academics and even teachers to select some “indexed” and or “mainstream” publishing venues for the individual benefits. Racing in institutional ranks are exploiting the labor and shaping the decisions of “scientist”s. Another reason, of course, can be pursuit of a journal which suitable for their subject and also perspective, vision, as a world of view. In these indefinites, I regard the authors as a significant part of the “journey” of IJEP which starts searching “the world and words” together. While, the time passes in this journey, we grow and having a history, more new colleagues like some young, activist, renowned, legendary colleagues and comrades joined us. We feel they become a part of us and also we are here for them and their words became ours too. After the submission consciously to the IJEP, the authors become a part of a vision which we struggle for and try to share it with the people at the international level. Thanks to all which we share this vision with!

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