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Differences in Teachers’ Employment Types and the Problems It Caused: A Study Based On the Views of Contracted and Substitute Teachers Working in Ankara, Turkey

Gülçin Bayram


This is a survey modeled study aiming at determining the problems of the contracted and the substitute teachers on their personal employee rights and the proficiency of teaching because of their employment types in addition the effects of the problems on them. The study environment consists of the contracted and the substitute teachers working in the center districts of Ankara during 2008- 2009. Data were collected via a survey (questionnaire) form. The collected data were analyzed by identifying frequencies, percentages and Chi-square test. The open-ended questions in the survey were analyzed through content analyzing method. The findings of this research shown that contracted and especially substitute teachers have a lot of problems caused by their employment types because firstly they have no job warranty and their employee personal rights are less than civil servant teachers. In addition it was found that the employment types affect the job of the contracted teachers less but much more the jobs of the substitute teachers. Although it was declared by the Ministry on all occasions that the contracted teachers are the same with the civil servant teachers since they get the same salary with them, it has turned up that the situation is not evaluated as so by the contracted teachers. The substitute teachers complain a lot about very low salaries. Consequently, both of the contracted and the substitute teachers have a lot of problems stemming from their employment types and they affect their jobs. So, the contracted and substitute types of employment should be abolished, suggested in the research depending on the results and conclusions.

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