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A Critical Look at TUSIAD’s Higher Education Report

Cengiz Aslan


The general, equal and free public education is inevitable for placing and improving an active democratic culture.  When higher education is defined through company culture and the company culture tried to be placed into them, this leads to losing its function. According to Giroux, one of the most important figures in Critical Pedagogy, making higher education a product of the commercial culture is a barrier for the citizens who can improve and sustain the democratic public areas.

            In this study, the report titled as "Higher Education in Turkey: Tendencies, Problems, and Opportunities / The observations and Suggestions based on EUA-IEP Institutional Evaluation Reports on Higher Education System" prepared by European University Association (EUA) Institutional Evaluation Program in October, 2008 is evaluated through applying the major tenets of "Critical Pedagogy". The report is prepared for the Education Sub-Group of the Social Affairs Committee Turkish Industrialists' and Businessmen's Association (TUSIAD), one of the privileged groups in Turkey.  The report has been examined in accordance with the ideas of major figures within the field of Critical Pedagogy in terms of, structure (economy and administration), teaching, participation, and research dimensions. Results of the content analysis revealed some important concepts related to TUSIAD's conceptualization of education.  

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