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Building Culturally Responsive Classrooms

Gheorghita Mihaela Faitar


The effort of increasing teachers‟ preparation and training is a daunting task of today‟s teachers‟ college institutions in the US; still it cannot be accomplished without understanding and responding to the stringent demands of working with students of various backgrounds; their various religions, races, ethnicities, sex-orientations, linguistic heritages, socioeconomic statuses. It is the environment of respect and enhanced self-awareness that may lead to a beneficial collaboration and a responsive classroom that facilitates learning and growing in any school.

This paper aims to analyze ways in which pre-service teachers in today‟s teacher college institutions in the US are to be familiarized with ample methods of addressing students‟ diversity of today‟s world. A special emphasis is placed on preparedness for working with the culturally diverse learners based on various modes of communication. The complex world of linguistic diversity related to students‟ backgrounds is to be better addressed through a proper training of the teachers when faced with multiple modes of verbal and non-verbal communication channels in their classroom.    

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