About the Journal

International Journal of Educational Policies  (IJEP) is a refereed, international, semi-annual online-only journal. The Journal is policy-oriented and committed to promoting debate about education policies and politics among academics, activists, educators.

The Journal provides free access to all published articles.


This journal seeks to challenge and solidarity. We look for the most original, provocative submissions possible. The main themes of the journal are following (but not limited to);

  • Education Policies in different countries
  • Comparative Educational Practices
  • Research methodologies related with analysis of education policies
  • Race’ and education,
  • Critical Race Theory
  • Gender Policies
  • Special Education Policies
  • Identities and Inequalities in Education
  • Equity in Policies and Practices with Cases
  • Lifelong Learning Policies
  • Post Compulsory Education and Training
  • Higher Education Policies
  • E- Learning and Distance Education Policies Transition Policies
  • Critical Perspectives on Artifical Intelligence
  • Tracking in Education
  • Financing policies in education
  • Information policies related with education
  • Ethics as an Political Education Issue
  • Art in Education Policies
  • Commercialization and privatization in education
  • Globalization and Imperialism as twins
  • Neo-liberalism and destruction of public education 
  • Politics of violence
  • Critical issues in education
  • Teacher unions and struggle